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All about FUSO hats!

Hello everyone, in this section you will be able to know everything about Fuso hats :) Fuso hats are made with the greatest care and we maintain high quality standards. Our prices range from 20-25$ + embroidery at 5$, if desired.

Here are a few points that make us different from the competition:)

Adjustable strap:

An adjustable plastic clip on the back allows you to adjust your hat. The elastic does not go over the ear. This maximizes comfort and avoids irritation. You simply put your hair inside the hat and you're done! So it can fit most heads!

Washable and reusable:

Our hats are made of 100% cotton. They can be machine washed, preferably in cold or warm water, which allows them to keep their original condition longer. Air drying is preferable. Like any other garment, hot water and the dryer can damage them faster.

Custom embroidery:

We offer a choice of 7 different typefaces: For only 5$ per hat you can customize it with either your name or even your company!