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Our product lines

In this section, you'll find everything you need to know about FUSO hats.

Machine washable

We recommend air-drying rather than machine-drying!

Puffy model

Size: between 20-28 in (50-70cm)

Adjustable back strap lets your hat adjust to your head!

Fitted model

Small half-moon opening at back. Attaches with 2 cords on either side of the opening.

Our 3 hat models

The puffy hat

This model is our star product! It's closed and holds a good amount of hair, no matter how it's tied.

Circumference: 20-28" (50-70cm). It includes an elastic band with an adjustable cord lock at the back. This allows the hat to fit optimally on your head.

The fitted (2 models)

This model is best suited to people with short hair or long hair with little volume. Unlike the bouffant model, the fitted hat features a small half-moon opening at the back. It fastens with 2 drawstrings on either side of the opening. Unlike the puffy model, hair must be tied in the right place.

For more information on the difference between covered and uncovered ears, please scroll down the page.

The ponytail

This model is currently part of our ephemeral collection. It's usually online every 4-6 weeks and in limited quantities. They go very, very fast! That's why we recommend subscribing to our Facebook page so you don't miss their arrival.

Similar in circumference to the puffy model (between 19-23" (48-58cm)). The Ponytail model includes a pocket at the back for inserting your hair. Two ribbons allow you to wrap your hair around it and finish it off with a splendid bow above.

Our 2 types of fitted models

Covered Ears

The hat covers the top of the ear. It is 12 cm high.

Uncovered ears

The hat is designed to be worn above the ear. It leaves the ear completely clear. It is 10 cm high.

The little extras:

Support buttons

The ultimate ear-saving tool! About 1 cm above your ears, we install a button on each side so you can attach your mask.

Custom embroidery

What could be better than a hat that reflects your image and is personalized with your name? On our product page, simply choose from our range of typography and write the message of your choice.

your logo on your hats

A company with a difference! This service is offered to companies wishing to personalize their hats with their own corporate logo. Depending on the complexity of the logo, we'll be happy to evaluate whether it can be reproduced.