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Co-owner. A respiratory therapist by profession, it's because of her that Fuso was born. She's the creator of the company and the brand. She's also responsible for buying all the fabrics that end up on your head!


Co-owner, he's our marketing manager, webmaster and photographer. He's behind all the logistics of the website and Facebook/Instagram publications. He's the one who saw the bigger picture for Fuso. With his big ambitions, he saw the opportunity to bring the product to as many people as possible.


Our very first scrub hat maker joined the team. When the team grew, she became our head scrubmaker. She makes sure no one is ever short of anything.

T :

She's the second scrub hat maker on our lovely team. Her creativity knows no bounds. It's thanks to her that the ephemeral collection was born! She has an eye for detail and work well done.


Our third scrub hat maker on the team. She's our hat factory. Marjo has enabled us to significantly increase the number of hats we offer each week.


She's our fourth scrub hat maker on the team. A retired nurse, her passion for sewing led us to meet her.


Our fifth scrub hat maker, but by no means the least, recently retired from nursing, she is currently working on a special project and you'll be hearing more about it soon ;)


Our ''thread remover'' in chief of hat. He's the one who does the final quality control on our products. He makes sure that all fasteners and labels are present on every hat!

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